Marc Serré

Your member of parliament for

Nickel Belt

Marc Serré

Your member of parliament for

Nickel Belt


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Motion M-106 Seniors

It is my pleasure to share with you the attached briefing note regarding the motion I introduced in the House of Commons on December 6th, 2016.  M-106 calls on the federal government to develop a National Senior Strategy.  This motion, if passed, seeks to improve the quality of life for all seniors across Canada.

My objective is to provide you with some key facts and statistics that demonstrates why an increased focus on the policy outcomes related to seniors is needed.

Your support will be instrumental in showing our government how very important this topic is for all Canadians. I have attached a template support letter for your convenience, please feel free to tailor it as you see fit: M 106 template letter of support.ENGdocx I will include your endorsement on my website and will endeavour to reference it during my speech in the House of Commons time permitting.


Marc Serré

Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt


For the text of M-106, please visit


Member’s Objective :


Member’s Rationale :


Key Facts & Statistics :

Canada’s population is aging. 

Canada’s health care system was not built to meet the challenges of an aging population

Inequities of care exist across the country

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and its “Demand a Plan” Campaign for a National Seniors Strategy

Text of Motion M-106 (EN)

Briefing on M-106 ENG